Sandusky County Park District plans to design new nature preserve

SANDUSKY COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - One year after the Black Swamp conservancy bought a former 9 hole golf course and donated the property to the Sandusky County Park District, the area has become a hot spot for local fishermen.

But, the park district has bigger plans.

Grant dollars have been used to draft a design for the property to be transformed into a nature preserve, featuring river access, trails, wildflower meadows, and bike paths.

"Being able to bring people from the city down into a place like this with these kinds of different habitats and be able to showcase what Ohio has. That is why we're focusing on all of the different habitats, so we can show them all off on this property just right outside of Fremont," said Andrew Brown, the director of the Sandusky County Park District.

The biggest draw is expected to be this stretch of the Sandusky River, which will be opened to Walleye fishing after the Ballville Dam is fully removed. But the district is expected more than just fishing here.

"Kayaking canoeing, fishing access. And we're actually working with the city and the county, ODNR, Tiffin, and everybody that is along this river and try to do some things a lot like the Maumee River," said Brown.

The hope is to complete the planning for this project by the Summer. And then depending on funding, construction could begin either this Fall or next year.

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