Toledo Express airport training for safety

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Training to keep you safe, that's what the Toledo Express Airport was doing Thursday.

The realistic drill was to ensure that first responders know what to do when disaster strikes.

"It's an overt demonstration that we're out here, we're practicing and training," said Todd Audet, Vice President of operations for Toledo Lucas County Port Authority.

While this training is required by the Federal Aviation Administration every three years, it's also a chance to bring together first responders from across the area to learn how to respond together.

"The big focus is that we work with the community and that it's not just the 180th fighter wing or the Toledo Lucas Port Authority fire departments," said Chief Brian Rozick with the 180th Fighter Wing Fire Department. "We can't do it by ourselves, so this is a community disaster and everybody, all hands are on deck when this happens."

In addition to the plan crash simulation, the airport also conducts tabletop training yearly to practice the newest techniques and refresh their skills. All their training is to keep you, their passengers, safe in case of emergency.

"It's absolutely imperative for safety and security of our passengers going through here," said Todd Audet. "But this gives us an opportunity to work with first responders and test our response time and our response plan."

First responders had to suppress a plane fire, and practice victim recovery during Thursday's disaster training. Playing victims in the simulated plane crash were local scouts, who were dressed for the part.

"It's a great opportunity for the boys in particular to get out here and see how it's done behind the scenes and be a part of it," said Todd Frendt, Troop 97 committee member. "And understand when there is a true emergency what they can go through and do. Part of their preparation is doing this and getting their first aid merit badge."

"For me it was just a different perspective," said Brian Kennedy, assistant scout master. "You can imagine as much as you want of what will happen during an emergency, but it was a whole different kind of experience so this was what they actually go through."

After the scenario, first responders debriefed what they experienced and how they can improve for a real emergency helping to ensure our community is prepared for anything.

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