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Teen sentenced to 11 years for aggravated robbery

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A  jury found a teen not guilty of murder last week, but guilty of aggravated robbery. Today the judge sentenced Cayvon Wells to the maximum punishment -- 11 years in prison.

Before Judge Linda Jennings sentenced Wells, she had to determine if his case should be handed back to the juvenile court system or to punish him in adult court.
Wells' attorney argued his client was only 16 when Brian Roberts was killed, and the jury determined his client was not responsible for his death. It was argued that was grounds for sending Wells back to the juvenile justice center to be detained. The judge didn't agree and immediately went into sentencing the teen. Wells' family, including his mother, was in the courtroom and began crying when the 11-year sentence was delivered.
"I feel she was biased to who my son really is and she did what she wants but we will be moving forward with steps of an appeal," said Angela Long, Wells' mother.
A prosecuting attorney tells WTOL they were happy with the judge handing down the maximum penalty, though justice can never truly be served for the victim's family.
Wells will appeal this sentence and conviction. An attorney was appointed for the appeal.

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