Money Talks News: How to keep your car cool during the summer

Money Talks News - Summer is always warm, but depending on where you live, summers lately have been record-setters.

If you're planning a summer driving vacation this year, remember that the heat isn't just tough on you, it's also tough on your car.

There are some things you should be aware of so you don't end up spending part of your vacation on the side of a freeway.

Check on your radiator. Make sure there's adequate coolant. If it hasn't been flushed in a couple of years, do that before you hit the road.

Keep in mind that your coolant is only as good as the hoses it flows through. Look for leaks, cracks, peeling or separation.

Also pay attention to your oil. The hotter it gets, the more important oil becomes. Make sure you have enough, and it's nice and clean.

Then check your battery. Are your terminals clean? Do you have adequate water in there? Most auto parts stores will check this out for free.

Also ask yourself when was the last time your air conditioner was serviced? It's super important for summer driving and cheap to check. Put a thermometer in the vent and see how cool the air is getting.

And of course, keep an eye on your temperature gauge. If it gets in the red, you're going to have to turn your motor off or risk blowing it.

One thing you may want to try if your temperature starts creeping up is turning your air conditioning all the way off and your heater all the way on. It's going to make you really hot. But it might cool down your car enough so you can get somewhere and get help.

hose are some quick tips, but you can find more at the Money Talks News Website. Just do a search for "Summer."

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