ODOT looks to the future of transportation

ODOT looks to the future of transportation
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(Source: WTOL)
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - With the future of autonomous cars becoming more or a reality every day, the Ohio Department of Transportation is beginning to plan for the future of transportation.

They are looking at the year 2045 and calling their plan Access Ohio 2045.

In a world that changes so quickly, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT)  is taking time to think ahead and prepare for the future.

"Transportation is changing so quickly, technology is changing, our population and demographics are changing, the economy is changing," explained Scott Phinney, ODOT Administrator of statewide planning and research. "All of those influence how we get around and what needs we have for transportation."

While ODOT's plan is still in the beginning stages they want to know what Ohioans want. They are traveling across the state to gather feedback and Wednesday met with Toledoans.

Several stakeholders and community members showed up to share their thoughts, ideas and dreams for the future of transportation, not just in cars but also about buses, hyperloops and more.

Jessica said public transportation is essential for her life and she hopes to see improvements in the industry into the future.

"The need for expanded and improved bus lines and train lines in between cities to some extent and within other areas as well," said Jessica Weinberg, a Sylvania Township resident who uses public transportation.

"Keep everything on a collaborative interface," is what Quontranon Burks wants to see in the future. Everyone working together for neighbors.

Quontranon, or Q as he likes to be called, hopes technology plays a role in the future, but especially with public transit. He is currently working to create a user-friendly app for TARTA.

"We do everything else with our phones," said Q. "And why can't we implement public transportation in a more valuable sense with current technology?"

During the public meeting Wednesday, community members could leave suggestions and ideas for ODOT. They say your feedback for their 2045 plan makes all the difference.

Anyone who wants to make their voice heard on the plan can take the Access Ohio 2045 survey here or can learn more about the project here.

"We want to try to hear from as many people as possible to get their input so that when we create this plan that works for as many Ohioans as possible," said Scott Phinney.

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