Ciboro house demolished

Ciboro house demolished
Ciboro house demolition (Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A painful reminder is now no more in north Toledo.

Timothy and Esten Ciboro are serving life sentences for shackling, raping and torturing a teen in the basement off their home on Noble Street.

On Wednesday, that house was torn down.

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Neighbors on Noble Street say they are relieved that they no longer have to look at the two-story home where so much pain and suffering was endured.

They say the house didn't just become an eye sore by being boarded up and un-lived in, it was a constant reminder of the pain the children who lived there went through.

Shortly after Timothy and Esten Ciboro were sentenced to life, the Lucas County land bank was able to take over the property.

The land bank will remove the home, now reduced to a pile of rubble, and plant grass in its place.

Neighbors on either side will have the opportunity to purchase the land from the land bank if they so choose.

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