Ticked off: Prevent ticks before they take a bit out of you

Ticked off: Prevent ticks before they take a bit out of you
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Mother-of-two Anna Hamann says that because her family lives in the city, ticks really aren't something that's on their radar.

But within the city of Toledo are Metroparks, which are home to a variety of species of ticks.

And if you go to any of the Metroparks, you need to be careful that ticks don't find a new home on your or your pets.

"We're going to go home, take a nap and go to bed right in these clothes. These could be ticks, we don't know," Hamann said.

Experts say when coming in from outside, it's important to shake out your clothes or put clothes in the warm dryer, or even change completely to make sure ticks don't make it into your home.

The leading cause of Lyme disease in humans and dogs is from the bite of a specific type of tick that carries the bacteria.

Ticks attach themselves to warm areas of the human or canine body and embed their mouths to feed off the blood. This is when the tick can transfer the bacteria.

Veterinarians say one in 16 dogs tested positive for Lyme disease in 2015.

Dog owner Graydon Mills visits the Metroparks with his dog, and says he has had to take ticks off of her.

"The ticks are so small you can't see them. The one she had attached to her, I didn't see it until it started to expand. Then I saw it and took it off of her," Mills said.

The tick bite doesn't actually hurt and signs of an infection may take several days to show up, so it can be hard to tell when you've been bitten.

Both veterinarians and doctors say prevention and awareness are key in protecting you and your family from ticks this summer.

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