Super Fitness Weight Loss challengers compete in final challenge

Super Fitness Weight Loss challengers compete in final challenge
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IDA, MI (WTOL) - It has been a tough seven-month journey for the Super Fitness Weight Loss challengers. They have made some major lifestyle changes, and it has really paid off.

They had one more challenge to tackle before the winner is announced on May 15.

The first part of their challenge was to run a mile at Hemelgarn Field in Ida, Michigan.

Next, they had to head to the shot put to show their strength before doing the heavy ball shuttle run as the third leg of their challenge.

The toughest part of the challenge was saved for last with the Farmer's Carry.

The men had to carry 45 pounds in each hand, while women carried 25 pounds, while walking around the track as fast as they could.

The top four challengers are:

  1. Neil Heiden. Neil has been in the lead for a few months now, losing more than 125 pounds since October. That's just a little more than 40 percent of his body weight.
  2. Rich Graham. Rich is knocking down the weight, and knocking on the door to the top spot. He has lost 116 pounds and more than 37 percent of his body weight.
  3. Dawn Rafferty. The only lady in the top five, Dawn has lost almost 50 pounds, adding up to a little more than 23 percent of her body weight since October.
  4. Larry Large. Larry has lost more than 53 pounds since October, losing more than 21 percent of his body weight.
  5. Pat Peiffer. Pat was initially knocked out for missing a weigh-in and challenge, but has since worked hard and been in the top of each of the monthly challenges. He has lost more than 64 pounds since October, more than 23 percent of his body weight.

Combined, all of the challengers have lost more than one ton during their Super Fitness Weight Loss Challenge journey. That's 2,000 pounds.

"I can't believe this is what I was carrying every day. I am so glad I have lost all of this weight!" said Rafferty.

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