Lucas Co. Drivers may be paying more money for license pates

Lucas Co. Drivers may be paying more money for license pates
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - You may soon be paying more every year for your license plate in Lucas County.

The Lucas County Commissioners held the second public hearing on the change Tuesday.

The $5 a year is expected to raise $1.8 million for Lucas County. The money coming in for the engineering department is down and costs are up the past few years.

"Everybody uses the roads, it's been since 2006 since there has been any increase," said Lucas County Commissioner Pete Gerken.

"My opinion is once you raise the price on anything, you add an additional fee, it'll never go back down, we all know that," said Debra Baker.

Baker said she is fine with $5 increase.

County Commissioners were expected to vote Tuesday after no one at the meeting spoke against the change. But they did not follow through because Commissioner Carol Contrada was at a conference.

Some drivers said though it's not a lot of money, they hope it goes a long way.

"I don't think the 5 dollars is that much to pay for an improvement in the roads, but like I said, if you see an improvement in the roads, but if they start using the money for other things, or you don't see an improvement in the roads, I think the license plate fee should go back down," said Baker.

Lucas County Engineer Keith Earley wants it to clear and known that these are dedicated funds and cannot be used for anything other than bridge and road repair.

This is only for county roads and nor for Toledo roads.

"It's for county maintained roads, we maintain the major roads other than state highways outside of municipalities, and bridges over water on extensions of county roads." said Earley.

This year, you won't notice a change because it won't be applied until 2019 registrations.

Earley said drivers are paying $54.50 right now which means this would push it closer to $60.

"It will just be added on, I think you could check out the website and it will probably break it down, but it will probably just tell you the fee," added Earley.

It is expected this will pass next week.

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