Both sides for BG school levy cast early votes

Both sides for BG school levy cast early votes
(This comes after two levies failed to garner votes in November and May.)

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - Some folks who are passionate about either side in the Bowling Green Schools levy on the May primary ballot have already cast their ballot.

People who are for the 5.7 mil school levy said they understand why some folks are against it and vice versa.

There seems to be two distinct groups on either side; the people who own a lot of property such as farmers and those who own rentals, are against the levy that could increase property tax for a home valued at $100,000 by roughly $200 per year.

Then there are those who say they're for the levy because they want to maintain Bowling Greens reputation for having a great school system.

"They're thinking about their children's future and probably their grandchildren's future and they probably want to have the best possible education they can get and I think that the facility is part of a good education," said Richard Kern.

Kern lives next to Conneaut Elementary.

"Darcy go ahead and put that sign in my yard because that says what I think I've already voted and I've gone over the early voting and I guess I voted no on the thing," said Melvin Johnson who has lived next to Conneaut for 70 years.

Johnson argues keeping neighborhood schools like here at Conneaut Elementary is good for the community. While Mr. Kern who's grandchildren attend this school says a consolidated campus would be better for students.

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