Money Talks News: How to slash your summer cooling expenses

Money Talks News - Summer is a great time to get outside and have some fun in the sun.

But you know what's no fun at all? Giant electric bills. Whenever you're dialing down that thermostat, you're dialing up the expense. So how can you keep your cool for less? Let's count the ways.

Number one: Make sure your A/C equipment is up to snuff. Keep it serviced and change the filters monthly. You can replace filters in less than a minute.

Use a programmable thermostat to let temperatures rise while you're at work, but by no more than four degrees. Otherwise you use more energy cooling the house back down than you save.

Have you checked your ducts lately? Get in the attic and make sure joints aren't leaking. If they are, seal them with metal tape. And while you're up there, add some insulation. You can find how to do that here.

Number two: Since much that heat that enters your home does it through windows, use solar screens on those that get the most light. There are videos online that will show you how to do it yourself for as little as $10.

If you buy ceiling fans, get ones that are energy star rated because they'll use 50 percent less energy.

And remember, fans don't do a thing if you're not in the room. You leave the room, you turn off the lights, you turn off the fan.

Those are just a couple of tips but those aren't all of them. More can be found at the Money Talks News website. Just do a search for "Lower Cooling Costs."