Kids learn how to swim at Josh Project event on Sunday

Kids learn how to swim at Josh Project event on Sunday
(Source: WTOL)
Toledo kids learned how to swim, courtesy of the Josh Project, on Sunday at St. Francis de Sales High School.
The goal was to teach parents and caregivers about the dangers of drowning and how they can avoid losing someone they love due to drowning.
Over the last ten years, the Josh Project has taught ten thousand kids how to swim.

According to their website, the mission of the Josh Project is to provide affordable swimming lessons and water safety education to children and their families to prevent drowning and other water related injury.

"Because drowning is the second leading cause of death for all children under the age of fourteen. We need to let them know how they can behave safely while in and around water,” said Tankeeya Butts, with the Josh Project.
Additional swimming lessons will be offered beginning on May 20th.
The Josh Project was started by Toledoan Wanda Butts after her 16-year-old son Josh drowned while after ending up in water over his head while floating on a raft at Bird Lake in Michigan in 2006.

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