National Train Day promotes passenger train service in Toledo

National Train Day promotes passenger train service in Toledo
Amtrak Station in downtown Toledo (Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Saturday was National Train Day across the country, a celebration of all things trains.

The focus at Toledo's Amtrak station was the critical role passenger service plays in our transportation system.

First of all you have to convince people who came to the event that riding the rails is economically and environmentally friendly.

That is if you can find someone who has ever hopped on a train.

"I've never ridden a train. Never had the opportunity," said Rick Kreutzfeld.

Toledo's station has only four Amtrak trains move through on a daily basis.

Still it's the busiest passenger station in Ohio.

Organizers of Train Day say there's room for improvement.

"We need to start investing in more frequent routing so we have a better schedule for people to get on trains," said Tim Porter of the Northwest Ohio Passenger Train Association.

The Trump administration had threatened to cut in half the government subsidized Amtrak service which would have eliminated train stops in Toledo.

But Congress stepped in and appropriated more money for Amtrak infrastructure.

Service is safe for now but what's next?

"Getting more legislative support. Getting a groundswell of people to let our legislators know how important it is to have a balanced transportation system in the country," said William Gill of National Railroad Day.

A way to keep Amtrak on track and in cities like Toledo.

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