Octogenarian "Sign Bandit" removing outdated signs from telephone poles

Octogenarian "Sign Bandit" removing outdated signs from telephone poles
The "Sign Bandit" uses a pole with a hook on it to remove the old signs (Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - You've probably seen some of those annoying signs posted on telephone poles throughout Toledo.

You know the ones… signs that advertise events or sales that ended weeks or even months ago.

Well, one 80-year-old Toledo man, who goes by the name "Sign Bandit," is fed up and has decided to take matters into his own hands.

"I got sick and tired of all these signs being posted around Toledo and I decided to start taking them down," said the anonymous man.

The Sign Bandit uses a two-part pole that has a hook on the end and is able to pull down signs that are over 16 feet high on a pole.

On the night WTOL 11 accompanied the sign bandit on his rounds, he pulled down over 40 signs including one advertising a golf show that happened in mid-February, more than two whole months before.

"I've got everything cleaned up about, right now, but tomorrow morning they'll be back out putting them up again," said the Sign Bandit.

He says he has taken almost 400 signs down in the month and a half since he started on his mission.

All of the signs are taken to an area recycling station.

"The City of Toledo, a lot of them, they know who these people are, they've got their telephone numbers. They ought to use the legal system and find these people."

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