Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine visits Bowling Green days before primary

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine visits Bowling Green days before primary
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BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - There are just a few days away from the 2018 Ohio Gubernatorial Primary.

One of the prospective candidates on the Republican side is current Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine. He spent part of Friday in Bowling Green.

DeWine focused on the education and skills gap in Ohio, along with the opiate epidemic.He praised Lucas County Sheriff John Tharp and the DART program.

"His program, reach out, get people who are addicted into a real program, we've now spread that program throughout a lot of Ohio and it's because of what he did," said DeWine.

DeWine spent the morning in Cleveland and headed to Lima after the visit at Mister Spots restaurant, owned by State Representative Theresa Gavarone and her husband.

Jon Husted, DeWine's running mate was in Upper Arlington Ohio during the visit.

A few protestors from the Wood County Democratic Party gathered across the street from the event.

"He's been attorney general for seven years, we've had one of the worst crises in the country so why did he wait until he ran for governor to really tackle this problem," said Wood County Democratic Party Chair Mike Zickar.

"There has not been a scandal in my career, I think people know who I am, they understand my commitment to the state of Ohio and that's really going to be what the election is going to be about," said DeWine.

Both DeWine and his opponent Mary Taylor have been blasting each other through TV ads, but, DeWine said it wasn't his intention from the beginning.

"We only had to resort to the negative ads once she started doing it, but look the primary is going to be over Tuesday night, we are going to move on. Then it will be my job to articulate a vision for where this state needs to go," said DeWine.

Taylor and DeWine face off Tuesday May 8th in the primary, along with the five candidates on the democratic side.

The top vote-getter from each party moves on to the general election.

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