Toledo Mowing Partner Program Expanded

Toledo Mowing Partner Program Expanded
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - High grass on vacant properties has been an issue plaguing Toledo during the summer months, for years.

"It looks bad when it's not mowed at all," said south Toledo resident, Precious Martin.

Martin said the tall grass on some vacant homes in her neighborhood is not only an eyesore, but attracts some unwanted guests.

"It can keep down a lot of pests coming into the neighborhood. Dogs, cats, it's becoming a problem," said Martin.

The city of Toledo is working to tackle the problem by bringing back its partner program, which pays folks $28 per property to mow. There are 2,100 of them to cut.

The city of Toledo says more than 650 problem properties have been mowed since the season started in early April and you can expect to see more crews this summer than in past years.

"We had 18 partners last year and the program was so successful in abating  nuisances in our neighborhoods, that this administration, along with city council expanded the program this year with a generous increase in the general fund budget," said Dennis Kennedy, with Toledo Code Enforcement.

Altogether, code enforcement will spend close to $1 million to cut grass in Toledo. That's the most ever spent. There are 104 entities, most of them are your neighbors who are doing the work.

The most crews the city has ever used was 38.

"We are looking forward to the impact that, that has on the neighborhoods and we expect to see some real good results this year with this program," said Kennedy.

Martin said she's happy with the investment from the city.

"That sounds great. That sounds great. It keeps Toledo looking beautiful, I think," she said.

You can no longer sign up to mow for this year, but you can for next year. Contact Code Enforcement, 419-245-1400.

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