Several children found wandering in Lucas County in last few weeks

Several children found wandering in Lucas County in last few weeks
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - There is a startling trend beginning that Lucas County Children Services is working to nip in the bud.

Five children, all under the age of five, have been found wandering without an adult in just the past few weeks.

"Oh my God, these kids are small and they are running down this busy street and I think for me, it was the fact that the could have darted into traffic," recalled Nicole Williams about spotting unsupervised children last weekend.

Williams, who also works at Lucas County Children Services, said it happened Sunday while she driving on Dorr Street in Central Toledo. She said instinct took over and she quickly pulled over to tend to the kids.

"The word has been, 'if you see something, say something.' and we did something,"  she said.

Williams didn't act alone. She said several Good Samaritans sprang into action.

"With combined efforts, we were able to locate the parent of one of the children," said Williams.

Toledo Police are urging parents to sign their kids up for Safe-T-City. It's a free program in Toledo that teaches pre-school-aged children pedestrian and traffic safety, among other things.

Early Thursday morning, in north Toledo, there was another report of a child wandering in the middle of a thunderstorm, who didn't know her name. It's the latest in what's becoming a troubling trend.

"This is serious enough that it can lead to a child getting killed," Executive Director of Lucas County Children Services, Robin Reese said.

Children Services and Toledo Police said luckily, the children are all safe, but they're urging parents to keep a close eye on their kids, secure their doors and teach their kids their name and address.

Also, understand that Children Services will not go away easily.

"We are gonna come out and we are gonna investigate. So let's just keep the kids safe," said Reese.

Toledo Police say at this point, no charges have been filed in these cases.

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