Parking lot nightmare at Perrysburg High School

Parking lot nightmare at Perrysburg High School
(Source: Perrysburg Schools)

PERRYSBURG TOWNSHIP, OH (WTOL) - It's a Facebook post that has generated over 200 comments. Parents and kids concerned about the dangerous driving habits of students in the Perrysburg High School parking lot when school lets out.

What WTOL 11's Michelle Zepeda saw is probably no different then any other high school parking lot when school lets out. Hundreds of cars trying to exit at once.

The main issue was drivers simply not letting cars merge into the traffic flowing out of the lot, causing drivers to make risky maneuvers to get out.

Parents on Facebook say they they feel something can be done to make dismissal safer

When school let out at 3:25 p.m. Wednesday, the Perrysburg High School parking lot was filled, including parents picking kids up in a pick up line and students leaving in their own cars.

The district says around 600 cars exit from that lot every day and it's cleared within 15 minutes of the bell ringing.

Parents on Facebook, as well as those we spoke with, say the main issue is student drivers being disrespectful, purposefully tailgating and not letting cars merge into the lanes leading out of the lot.

Many feel more high school staff members monitoring the parking lot could force kids to use better behavior behind the wheel. But one high school parent says she feels this comes down to parents having a conversation with their student drivers about simple manners.

"I don't think they drive respectful in that parking lot and, apparently, I've seen a few accidents, like, right out of the high school, too." Sue Hoiles, a Perrysburg parent said. "I'm not sure if people are just not paying attention, texting, whatever."

The district says staff is in the lot when available and they go over parking lot safety with kids often. The district says student safety in and around school is their top priority.

Many who commented on the Facebook post talked about witnessing accidents or being involved in one themselves at the high school.

WTOL 11 called Perrysburg Police's Record Division and this school year there have been nine accidents reported within the parking lot.

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