TPS harassment claim leads to resignation

TPS harassment claim leads to resignation
(Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A resignation at Toledo Public Schools after an investigation was launched into one of their administrators.

This is the second time in less then a year TPS employees were investigated for claims of harassment.

Both of these claims were similar, happening out of town at conferences when alcohol was involved and it was the misuse of a cell phone that lead to the complaints.

The complaint was filed against TPS' Assistant Treasurer Eric Shreve that lead to him resigning amid the investigation.

The complainant, a female TPS employee, claims Shreve grabbed her cell phone and sent inappropriate text messages to a fellow coworker not at the conference.

The victim claims she was completely humiliated.

This situation is similar to the one last summer when the district suspended two employees after a third coworker found inappropriate pictures taken with his phone.

"It is surprising, yes," TPS Chief of Staff Jim Gant explained. "It is shocking anytime something happens. What we do is we expect our employees to operate in an efficient manor if they are in school or outside of school and anything that happens that's not consistent with our core mission and values it definitely is shocking."

After these two complaints, TPS administration says they plan to stress the importance of their expectations of employees both on and off school grounds.

They also plan to make employees better aware of the districts policies in place when it comes to their behavior at trainings and conferences.

TPS never finished their investigation since the resignation came before they could do so.

We are told the case was not handed off to Toledo Police and charges will not be pressed.

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