Five extra dollars per year could be added to your license plate fee

Five extra dollars per year could be added to your license plate fee
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LUCAS COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - A new proposed change to how much money drivers pay for their license plate fee is on the table.

An extra five dollars per year could be added as Lucas County Commissioners discussed Tuesday.

This could generate $1.8 million per year to put toward roads and bridge projects.

Wood and Ottawa Counties are also considering doing this, after a change in state law last year allowed counties to tack on these fees for infrastructure improvements.

Lucas County Commissioners say they hope this five dollars will keep you from having to spend hundreds on repairs to your car because of rough roads.

Right now, the costs for infrastructure projects are up by 70 percent, while the revenue for the Lucas County engineer's has only increased 7.6 percent the past 17 years.

This would provide a 15 percent increase to the revenue and can only be used on roads and bridges.

Tuesday, the Lucas County Commissioners held the first public meeting on the change; no one spoke against it.

"It's only five dollars a year, that's not a whole lot, and these roads really need attention," Cody, a Lucas County driver, said.

Lucas County Engineer Keith Earley says most drivers pay $54.50 right now for passenger cars, making the new cost close to $60.

Trucks would be required to pay more than five dollars a year.

Earley says this could help fund the Dorr Street interchange.

This will only be used for county projects and is not to get confused with city streets.

Earley says neighbors aren't complaining about Lucas County maintained roads very often right now.

"Those bad roads, it's an example of what you do not want, you do not want to let them get bad because it costs five times, 10 times as much to fix them if it does," Earley explained. "You want to keep them good while they are good."

It would just be added on to the current fee. This would not go into effect until 2019 registrations.

The Lucas County Commissioners are required to have another public hearing on this.

The second hearing takes place Tuesday, May 8 at 11 a.m.

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