Toledo leaders respond to the hype of the Hyperloop

Toledo leaders respond to the hype of the Hyperloop

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Cleveland and Chicago both on board for the first Hyperloop in North America to run between the two metropolitan cities in the midwest.

But what about Toledo, located right in the middle. Does it have any stack in this new endeavor?

"Getting organizations like the Toledo Lucas County Port Authority, the Toledo Metropolitan Area of Council of Governments and other entities engaged early on is going to be critical to make sure we have a place at the table when they start serving dinner," CEO of Toledo Lucas County Port Authority Paul Toth said.

Toth is optimistic about the 200 miles per hour people and cargo mover, powered by the sun and magnetic energy.

A refreshing sentiment to Nate Walke, who's been the boots on the ground in the Glass City making sure the Hyperloop investors know Toledo wants a seat at the table.

"How this is a perfect example for entrepreneurs and designers and creatives and technologists to work with regulatory agencies to make something that can literally disrupt society," Founder of Hyperloop X Nate Walke said.

"The hyperloop is a completely different scenario," Toth said. "I see this as a true public private partnership where it's going to take private money and private entrepreneurism to move the concept forward but it's going to take a lot of public intestinal fortitude."

Right now, feasibility studies are in the works for the Great Lakes Region Hyperloop.

This is a good start for the City of Toledo. But it will take many more public officials as well as private entrepreneurs to make sure Toledo is a part of Hyperloop in the midwest.

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