Grass fire sparks in Perrysburg Township Tuesday

Grass fire sparks in Perrysburg Township Tuesday
(Source: WTOL)

PERRYSBURG TOWNSHIP, OH (WTOL) - Crews in Perrysburg Township called out Tuesday afternoon to battle a grass fire.

We're told there was likely a controlled fire burning in a barrel.

That barrel must have blew over and then caught part of the farm field on fire.

Two to three acres were charred.

Luckily crews were able to put it out before it got any worse but it's a reminder to be very careful this time of year.

"Yeah, try to light and fires today when conditions are like this, it makes it real tough and it spreads real quickly," Perrysburg Township Fire Department Deputy Chief James Rodriguez said. "When it gets out of control its hard to do with buckets and hoses, regular garden hoses."

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