Hyperloop information discussion

Hyperloop information discussion

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - What is the Hyperloop?

To some, this idea seems like a great new travel option, but leaves many with questions about logistics. A discussion was held downtown Monday night to provide some insight.

If approved, the Hyperloop could transport people from Cleveland to Chicago which is roughly a 350 mile trip, in under 30 minutes.

"There's a lot of entrepreneurship happening already, a lot of growth in Downtown Toledo, and I think the Hyperloop is just going to expand that even more," said Lisa Cook of Toledo.

The meeting's speaker highlighted many of the lesser thought of benefits the Hyperloop could bring.

Nate Walke is the founder of both Code City, the group who hosted the  event, and Hyperloop X.

"I think it would really, literally change the way humans live. It would break down the barriers of the distance and proximity. We could work in one city and live in another. We choose who we date, where we work, where we live based off the ability to get there quickly, and this would open up cities that are hundreds of miles apart would literally become suburbs of each other," Walke said.

Currently, a Hyperloop is being built for the United Arab Emirates and is expected to be completed in the next year.

With the prospect of this new technology to ride forward into the future of transportation, many are optimistic, not just for our area, but for the outlook of development in America.

Doug Simmons came from Maumee for the discussion.

"I think that rail transport, particularly advanced rail transport, which is the Hyperloop is needed in this country,"  Simmons said.

If our Hyperloop goes in, it would be the first of its kind in North America.

"It could be built in 3 to 5 years once all the legislation and the regulatory framework is put in place," Walke said.

Unlike our current trains, the Hyperloop would be powered by sunlight and magnets to move at nearly the speed of sound. This could also help solve problems with controversial power sources like fossil fuels, coal and wind power.

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