Athlete of the Week: Anjie Yeo

Anjie Yeo (Source: WTOL)
Anjie Yeo (Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Since taking silver in her first world championship bodybuilding competition back in 2013, Anjie Yeo has competed in 12 bodybuilding competitions and three powerlifting meets, winning two women's physique world championships and most recently placing third at the Arnold Classic.

"That's what I go back and forth between now is finding that awesome balance between strength sports and physique competition, which is probably two of the hardest pairings, but they really complement each other well," Yeo said.

But making this switch isn't just a physical change.

"The way that I eat, the way that I perceive my body, and the way that I build my body has completely changed," Yeo said.

Yeo stands just five feet two inches and weighs 128 pounds. During competition training she eats about 4,000 calories a day, and on this day at Fitness 4 All she was repping 155 pounds on bench and 225 pounds on squats.

Yeo has rarely taken a day off since 2010. She trains seven days a week, some of those being three-a-days. Depending on where she's at before a competition, she will spend anywhere from eight weeks to six months to train and get ready.

"Everything is input on your body and what you want to get out of it," Yeo said. "It all takes time, so respecting those time frames will also give you time to learn yourself as well."

While she's had success over the years, she doesn't have any competitions scheduled. For now.

"I'm not chasing professional status, I'm chasing a feeling, and wherever I think I'm going to get that through my training and my competitions is where I'll go," Yeo said.

As for what's kept her going, or her "why" over the years, she says this is where she's meant to be.

"I know everything I want out of my life, and everything I'm meant to learn will all come through this path," Yeo said. "I know I have nowhere near reached my full potential. This is my special gift and I'll do it and give back to others."

Yeo also is a certified fitness trainer working out of Aspire Fitness. You can find her on Instagram at Physique Pro Angela Yeo, on Facebook at Angela Yeo Physique and Figure Pro Athlete and on her website at

You can also email her at

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