New sergeant assigned to lead all Toledo School Resource Officers

New sergeant assigned to lead all Toledo School Resource Officers

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - There's a new sergeant in charge of the school resource officers of Toledo Public Schools in town. In fact, Monday was his first official day on the job.

Sergeant Abe Cruz has been a school resource officer for 10 years at Start High School and he's excited to have this opportunity to lead.

"It's a difficult task being a school resource officer, especially these days," Sergeant Abe Cruz, who was just assigned his new role Sunday, said.

And considering his 10 year experience as a school resource officer at Start High School, he's got the background knowledge for the job.

There are six resource officers at each of the high schools in Toledo who he will lead. Each of them are also responsible for the elementary and middle schools close to their prospective high school in which they serve at.

His advice for them is simple: Be close with the faculty, but getting close with the students is most important.

"That's crucial and critical to know and understand the student body," he said. "You may have students, when you forge relationships like that, you'll have students who come to you and give you information that is helpful."

One of the areas he's looking to improve upon is getting all schools up to speed on A.L.I.C.E. training, which all of his resource officers know and are prepared to enforce.

He plans to visit each school this week to make sure each safety plan is in accordance with one another.

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