Police looking for 3 men who crashed U-Haul into garage after chase

Police looking for 3 men who crashed U-Haul into garage after chase
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)

BLISSFIELD, MI (WTOL) - Blissfield police are looking for three men after a pursuit ended in a crash into a building early Monday morning.

The crash ended at a home on North Lane Street.

Police say the chase began when they tried to pull over a U-Haul pickup truck for a speeding violation. Police say the driver failed to stop, leading them on a chase.

The chase ended when the driver of the U-Haul crashed through the side of a garage and hit a parked truck inside. The people who live in the home say their house is up for sale and are hoping to be out by the summer.

Police say that parked truck prevented the U-Haul from going into the River Raisin.

Police say three males got out of the truck and fled on foot.

A K-9 unit was brought out to help with the search, but the men have not yet been located.

Police say they have no reason to believe they're still in the Blissfield area, but they are working on several leads.

Blissfield police are asking nearby residents to review their surveillance footage if they have surveillance cameras to monitor any activity from 1:15 a.m. to 2 a.m. They have been reviewing what they have received.

The owners of the garage, where this all happened, had a security camera mounted inside but it was knocked off line on impact.

"A lot of damage, yes," garage owner Nancy Deal explained. "There is stuff thrown from one side to the other, it must have been a really hard impact."

Police are also looking to talk to the driver of a white or silver full-size pickup truck that was pumping gas at the Blissfield BP gas station Monday morning between 12:45 a.m. and 1:00 a.m.

They believe the suspects from the chase and crash pulled into the BP and talked briefly with the driver that was pumping gas just prior to the pursuit.

If you are that driver or know who it is, please contact the Blissfield Police at 517-486-4340.

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