Leading Edge with Jerry Anderson: April 26,2018

Leading Edge with Jerry Anderson: April 26,2018
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - We're closing in on the important May primary.

In Ohio, statewide races for Governor and the U.S. Senate are attracting a lot of attention and we'll also decide a very important statewide issue, Issue 1.

It seeks to wring much of the overt politics out of the way we draw congressional districts in Ohio.

Joining us at the Leading Edge table from the League of Women Voters, a leading proponent of Issue 1, are Joan Callecod and Lee McLaird.

What if the residents of a pure-bred auto town refused to buy cars?

What message would that send?

What if education were the economic lifeblood of your town and but voters wouldn't support a local public school levy?

That's the situation facing the city of Bowling Green as it heads to the ballot box in May.

BG voters have long supported school levies and the one they'll decide May 8 has had but one look-see by voters. It lost in November.

Superintendent Francis Scruci is out Leading Edge guest.

Sierah Joughin was abducted and killed in the summer of 2016 in Fulton County.

Her killer was convicted this month and sentenced to death.

End of story? Not if Sierah's family has it's way and this week, several of them joined me for a special program "Sierah's Legacy".

Sheila Vaculik is Sierah's mom and I wondered how does it help, if it does, to see your daughter's memory carried on in more than just nice words, but in meaningful actions?

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