Bowling alley owners meet with Muslim leaders, make peace

Bowling alley owners meet with Muslim leaders, make peace
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The owners of the Twin Oakes Lanes bowling alley and members of the local Muslim community have made peace with one another.

They did it on Saturday afternoon over coffee, cookies and Baklava.

The meeting was all about forgiveness.

Twin Oaks owners Jeff and Sharon Kuhnle apologized and Muslim leaders said 'apology accepted.'

"We're all children of Abraham. And we worship the God of Abraham and the God of Abraham is the God of second chances," said Najwa Badawi.

It was hoped the forty minute meeting would put an end to what has been a tense time for the Kuhnles and the local community.

The Kuhnles have owned their business along Sylvania Avenue since 1999.

Several derogatory posts Jeff made on Facebook about Muslims recently surfaced.

"We made a mistake. Things were voiced that shouldn't have been. We've apologized," said Ms. Kuhnle.

After the posts began to make the rounds on social media Jeff says he received death threats and several posts were made threatening to burn down the lanes.

Both sides say the meeting was open and candid and they have a better understanding of one another.

The Kuhnles have even accepted an invitation to visit the Islamic Center in Perrysburg Township.

"People need to come see us. Learn about us. That's the thing here. We do the same," said Islamic Center of Toledo Iman Talal Eid.

And as the Iman and his wife left Twin Oaks Lanes, they paused to look at a sign outside perfectly describing what happened inside on this cool spring day.

It read" 'Friends Gather Here."

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