Bowling Green couple says 'I do'... again, after proposal video goes viral

Bowling Green couple says 'I do'... again, after proposal video goes viral
Jeffery and Lorrie Agans (Source: WTOL)

WOOD COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh yes, yes, yes, yes, I love you so much."

Four Months ago Jeff Agan proposed to Lorrie for the second time.

The couple had been married for close to 25 years, but got divorced in 2014.

On Friday, they officially tied the knot…again, with all eight of their kids standing with them.

"I almost gave up before the miracle. There is always hope," said Lorrie.

It was a day Jeffrey and Lorrie's kids could have never dreamed they would witness.

"Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. The healing that is going on in our family is just, there's no words," said Amanda Dawn, the Agan's oldest child.

It was their kids who took a video of Jeffrey's proposal and made it go viral.

The video was seen by more than 11 million people and even brought CBS to their wedding.

"They've always been on the backburner of everything, always on the sidelines, it's really neat to kind of see them center stage and just basking in it because they deserve it," said Amanda Dawn.

Jeffrey and Lorrie stood hand in hand and vowed in word and song to love and cherish each other for better or worse, sickness or health forever.

"This time, standing there with the fruit of our marriage, our children, all participating in various ways it just, it was just so different. Such a reminder of what we threw away and how lucky we are to have gotten it back," said Jeffrey.

Although their path looks a little different, it was all worth it. They hope their story promotes love, forgiveness and reconciliation.

"It is so neat to experience forgiveness and hope and love on this level to see my family becoming whole again and us becoming one again. There's no words to describe the gratitude and the joy," said Lorrie.

The Agan's say from here out they only move forward together.

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