City leaders consider closing Savage Park splash pad after vandalism

City leaders consider closing Savage Park splash pad after vandalism
Tire marks are visible on the Savage Park splash pad (Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Pool season is right around the corner, but the splash pad at Savage Park in central Toledo is in jeopardy of not opening this year, and it's all because of vandalism.

Savage Park is near Nebraska Ave. and City Park.

Just last summer the splash pad had to be shut down when the elephant that used to spew water was destroyed, and the suspect's vehicle left skid marks all over here.

This wasn't the first time this park has had problems making city leaders to think about shutting it down for good.

In a budget meeting earlier this week, the Director of Public Service, Paul Rasmusson brought up the possibility.

The pool at Savage Park is already closed and with the damage continuing to happen and bills racking up Rasmusson says a discussion is happening on whether or not it's worth repairing something that continues to be destroyed.

Some city council members want to keep the splash pad open.

"We're not going to be defeated by individuals who want to destroy the opportunity for young people and anybody who wants to go splash around at Savage Park, that's all they have, they don't have a pool," said Council member Dr. Cecelia Adams.

Dr. Adams says she's talking with Toledo Police Chief George Kral about getting a sky cop camera at the park.

Neighbors say all parks are getting hit and they shouldn't punish the kids in this district.

"There is no reason to make it hard for them. Don't punish the kids because ignorant people that is doing what they do, you know what I am saying, so why not put no money into it?," said Henrietta Savage-Armstrong, who works at the MLK Soup Kitchen for the Poor nearby.

The City of Toledo website lists the Savage Park Splash Pad as one of the 7 pool locations opening in June.

The Mayor's office says they are continuing to evaluate the situation.

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