Out with old, making way for the new: Final Jeep Wrangler rolls off assembly line

Out with old, making way for the new: Final Jeep Wrangler rolls off assembly line

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - It was a bittersweet day Friday for workers at the Toledo South Assembly Plant as the final Jeep Wrangler rolled off the assembly line.

It was a white 2018 Rubicon Unlimited.

Two point one million Wranglers have been produced at the plant since 2006.

Darryl Nichols captured the final moments on his cell phone camera.

"It's kind of a peculiar place to be witness to the end of a legacy and anticipate the beginning of a new one in the Jeep family," said Nichols.

Wrangler is not going away because it still has a presence and future in Toledo.

Manufacturing is moving next door to the Toledo North plant.

Toledo South will be re-tooled for production of the new Jeep truck line.

"There's been a demand for a Jeep truck. The enthusiasts have been requesting it and we've got the opportunity to provide it to them," said Toledo Assembly Complex Manager Chuck Padden.

The transition will result in temporary layoffs.

But workers will eventually be recalled to work on the truck.

"We're still building the Wrangler but it's still a different style. It will be aluminum doors, swing gates and hood. It's not dead. Still alive an doing well," said UAW Local 12 Jeep Unit Chairman Mark Epley.

Retooling at the plant is underway.

Toledo Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz issuing a statement on Friday about the Jeep Wrangler production which said in part:

"Jeep is part of our city and the iconic Wrangler is unmatched among vehicles. As Fiat Chrysler Automobiles ends the 12-year production run of the most successful version yet of that Jeep, we are all excited for another generation of the Wrangler."

The Jeep truck will be ready for launch in the first half of 2019.

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