Money Talks News: House hunters, don't watch HGTV's house hunting shows

Money Talks News - Ever watch HGTV's House Hunters? If not, you may be in the minority. It's been around for many years and attracts millions of viewers monthly.

Shows like House Hunters are obviously entertaining. But if you're a novice home buyer, these shows aren't really doing you any favors. There are plenty of ways that actual house hunting differs from the House Hunters show.

In the show, those hunting for houses look at three, then pick one. In real life, anyone who only looks at three houses is not really looking. There should be more at 20 homes to choose from.

Next is financing. While mortgage shopping isn't as camera-friendly as home shopping, it's nearly as important, and rarely mentioned during the  show.

Also critical in home-buying is negotiation. Not much of that happens in House Hunters. The listing price is what the seller asks for. It's not necessarily what the final price is going to be.

Finally, the show often features knowledgeable agents and completely ignorant buyers following them like sheep. If you're not knowledgeable enough to make your own decisions, in real life you really shouldn't be house hunting.

Sometimes reality shows aren't all that real. Nothing wrong with that, unless you're trying to learn something. For more tips on  how houses should actually be hunted, go to the Money Talks News website and  do a search for "Real Estate."

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