Sylvan Prairie Park celebrate Sylvania's growth

Sylvan Prairie Park celebrate Sylvania's growth
(Source: WTOL)

SYLVANIA, OH (WTOL) - There have been 25 trees planted at Sylvan Prairie Park in Sylvania as a part of the tree city's yearly Arbor Day celebration.

Each tree represents a new business or organization that has planted its roots in Sylvania this past year. The Chamber of Commerce is making this a yearly event to watch how Sylvania grows.

"It's an incredible representation, a visual representation of how much we have grown in just one short year. It's exciting to see the development and that so much is still happening in Sylvania and continues to happen," said Michelle Sprott, Sylvania Chamber of Commerce.

The 25  trees will be planted along the walking trails for visitors to enjoy.

The event is just one of many arbor celebrations that took place in our area on Friday.

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