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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Nearly 8 million U.S. workers are holding multiple jobs-and that number is rising.

Cleaning in the evening is not Jennifer McDevitt's main job. Her full-time gig is working at a daycare.

"We're all living paycheck to paycheck," McDevitt said. "And having that second job kind of gives everyone a cushion to breathe."

Reasons for a side hustle vary.

"Wanting my own place, paying off my car, having a little bit extra spending money so I could blow some money on myself or the kids. I love to spend money," she said with a giggle.

About that extra money, the median wage in Lucas County is about  $45,000.

When you take a look at the living wage calculator for our county, expenses for an average household can quickly add up pushing $70,000.

Of course, there are a lot of variables here, but when you factor in rising gas costs, bills like your cell phones, kids sports, entertainment, and debt, you can see the widening gap between what you make and what you need to live on.

More often than not, working a side hustle means working from home. You can have flexible hours and the amount of extra income you make, depends all on you.

"I just wanted something to call my own," Mindi Marshall, a direct sales professional, said.

About eight years ago, Marshall had become disillusioned with the corporate world. She decided to explore direct sales.

"So I went home and honestly stumbled upon Stella & Dot on a Google search."

She juggled the jewelry trunk shows and day job for about a year and a half, until she realized her side hustle had enormous potential.

"I never let quitting become an option. When somebody would say no I'm not interested in doing a trunk show I didn't take that personally," she added.

For most of her seven years with Stella & Dot, Marshall was earning six figures working just 25 hours a week. Fast forward to now, time for another change.

"I decided I needed to shift gears from the direct sales business that got me out in the evenings, and doing fun things, and having ladies nights, where now I can actually work from home during the day, and stay at home in the evening. So that's how I got started with my Monat business," she said.

She said the key is passion. Your clients will know and reward the love for your side gig.

"If you don't care about cleaning houses, then the houses are going to be a mess. If you don't care about teaching a yoga class, then your clients are going know that you don't actually care about doing that," Marshall said.

"You can talk about something and recommend something all day, but if you don't have that passion tied to it, it's really not going to work for you," Health Coach Angie Green said.

Finding a source of extra money became imperative when Green found herself divorced and a single mom of a developmentally delayed child.

"I was really just making sure I could be the best mom I could be to my son. There's Facebook ads, and internet ads all over the place, saying, 'join this group,' or 'earn extra money this way,' and I think you really have to do your research," said Green.

Research the company, be cautious of side gigs with large startup costs, and network with others doing similar things.

"The other thing is you really have to commit to being consistent-because having a side hustle is hard," Green said.

She kept her career, while Beachbody remained a side hustle for much of her ten years with the company. But as a top coach, and in the millionaire's club, she too, ended up ditching the day job.

But for many, juggling jobs is a long road.

"I thought I was the only one doing it," McDevitt said. "so to find out that there's more people out there struggling too, it makes me feel like okay I'm not alone in this."

Not alone, as MILLIONS hustle to make ends meet.

If you're intrigued by this whole concept check out this list of 11 popular side jobs:

  1. drive for Uber or Lyft
  2. . personal shop for Shipt
  3. deliver food (Uber eats /Deliver Toledo)
  4. babysitting/nanny (
  5. sell your junk on eBay or Amazon
  6. dog walking (
  7. become a health coach (Beachbody)
  8. sell personal care items (Monat or Rodan & Fields)
  9. sell essential oils (doTerra)
  10. sell make-up (Younique or LipSense)
  11. offer cleaning services

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