Dog without nose hopes to inspire kids

Dog without nose hopes to inspire kids

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - One local dog is hoping to make an impact to those who need to smile.

Mirabel, estimated to be 8 to 10 years old, runs around just like any other dog, but where she differs is pretty noticeable; she doesn't have a nose.

"People want to know, can she eat okay? Can she smell okay? And then it starts this conversation that yeah she's a perfectly normal dog, there is nothing wrong with her," said Kelli Shook, her owner.

At first veterinarians thought someone cut off her nose, looking at it more, think it's a cleft palate issue, and she was born that way.

Shook found her online when she was looking for animals for her compassionate leadership program.

Her family ended up adopting her furry friend from Woodstock Animal Foundation in Lexington, KY a couple weeks ago.

The dog was found in the street, rescuers think she was released or escaped from a puppy mill.

Mirabel's story gained attention in the Blue Grass state, and $6,000 were raised to pay for her surgeries.

"They made lots of donations for her, but no one applied to adopt her except for us," said Shook.

For months, Mirabel couldn't find an owner, a feeling some kids can face, which is why Shook took her in.

She became a life coach after her daughter confessed to her she was being sexually abused by her dad, and since, has been involved and started organizations, many focusing on the mental health of kids.

"A lot of kids obviously get bullied because they look different or because they have special needs. We want to try and teach not only those kids to be strong, but we want to teach other kids that it's okay to be around someone like that," said Shook.

Shook hopes Mirabel can teach empathy to kids, recognizing the feelings toward Mirabel and flip it so they feel the same way toward their peers through a unique program this summer.

Right now, Mirabel is getting to know her neighbors, but, the hope is eventually she can make her way into schools and impact as many kids as possible.

"Care about other people and not really worry about what they look like just worry about their personality, the personality is what really makes the person," said Shook.

Mirabel has her own Instagram and Facebook account to follow her journey. @mirabel_a_no_nose_fairytale.

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