TPD sends back all body cameras due to glitches

TPD sends back all body cameras due to glitches

TOLEDO, OH (AP) - Toledo Police officers are no longer equipped with body cameras.

It's an announcement that came Thursday and seems to have come out of the blue after the department's efforts to get all officers equipped with one.

The 304 cameras TPD purchased in October  have been sent back to the distributor.

Once all the cameras were finally programmed and on the uniforms of all patrol officers it seems the system became overloaded which caused the cameras to glitch.

"It's incredibly disappointing. This is something that was a high priority for the chief and a goal of the department, so right now we are concentrating on testing new camera systems and making a good selection there and getting them back to officers as soon as possible because it's good for the officers its good for the community," said TPD Sergeant Kevan Toney.

The department will begin testing new body cameras from different companies in May. The hope  is to have all officers equipped by the end of August .

But until then, TPD will be relying once again on dash cam video.

TPD was able to receive a full refund of $228,000 after shipping all the units back.

That will be money used to purchase the new units.

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