Money Talks News: Questions to ask before you get engaged

Money Talks News - Marriage is more than just the joining of two lives and two families.  It's about joined finances.

Granted, money isn't one of the most romantic topics, it is, however, one of the lead causes of divorces.

Here are some questions to ask before you've walked down the aisle: Do you plan to merge your money? Keep totally separate accounts? Or a combination of the two?

There is no correct answer, but it is something to be discussed before you get married.

Then there's keeping the books and paying the bills.  Will you do it together?  Will you do it separately?  Or have one person in charge?

How do you invest?  If a partner is a risk taker and the other is conservative, there will need to be a discussion.

Then there are questions about credit and debit.  If one partner has bad credit, or big debt, it is time for disclosure.

Those are a few questions for the soon-to-be married.

These questions aren't deal killers in a relationship, they're the first start to compromise.  For more information go to the Money Talks News website and do a search for "Money and Marriage."

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