Chair of Water Quality and Sustainability reacts to Toledoan Gripe with TAWA

Chair of Water Quality and Sustainability reacts to Toledoan Gripe with TAWA
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Some Toledoans spoke out about their concerns with the Toledo Area Water Authority (TAWA).

They have been urging the Mayor's Office and City Council to consider how they feel TAWA is currently proposed isn't acceptable.

Nick Komives is the chair of the water quality and sustainability committee. He said if the city council were to vote on the ordinance for the Toledo Area Water Authority, he predicts it wouldn't pass, eight to four.

Komives said council is taking ample time to consider all of the concerns Toledoans have with the current memorandum of understanding for the Toledo Area Water Authority.

He also said council will likely vote on the ordinance in September because when they do and if council passes it, it will trigger the section 79 referendum requiring a vote of the people within 30-50 days. That would fall in line with the November election.

"We're not dragging our feet," Komives said. "We are evaluating all of the issues at hand. This is one of the largest issues this city council has ever come across to be honest with you. So that means there's a lot at stack and a lot that we have to consider."

This summer, council members in support of TAWA and the mayor's office will be coming up with possible changes to the proposed TAWA and educating the public on why they feel it's a necessary move for Toledo.

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