Michigan High School pull chilling mock crash

Michigan High School pull chilling mock crash

MONROE, MI (WTOL) - The Golden Hour: In a potentially life-threatening crash, the first hour is critical in the survival of crash victims.

"I know those people and just imagining seeing them just gone is hard to process," Blake Binder, sophomore at St. Mary's Catholic Central High School said.

This is the most elaborate mock, drunk-driving crash the City of Monroe, Michigan has ever pulled off.

The drunk-driving crash simulation at St. Mary's Catholic Central High School was roughly 40 minutes starting from the point the witnesses called 911.

"See the carnage that comes because of a crash like this," Captain John Wall of City of Monroe Police said. "One of the students is going to be pretending to be dead. It's somebody that the students know, and it has such realism."

The police responded first. There were two mangled cars, blood on the windshield, broken glass, beer bottles, students' friends dressed for prom laying on the asphalt. The first responders rescuing trapped students.

The fire department using the jaws of life to get the trapped driver out. Even parents of the student actors showing up hysterical.

"This, seeing this is really, very emotionally impactful,"  Binder said.

"I remember when I was young seeing this at my own school many, many, many, years ago," Wall said. "I've never forgotten about it. It really does have a lasting impact."

A lasting impact, the community hopes will make students think twice about drinking and driving and even driving distracted.

Wednesday fortunately, the student actors will return to being students and live another day.

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