UT observes National Denim Day with a deeper meaning

UT observes National Denim Day with a deeper meaning
(Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - As a part of sexual assault awareness month, the University of Toledo is took it one step further on Wednesday by observing National Denim Day.

UT students wore jeans to show their solidarity with victims of sexual assault.

The university has made strides this year by forming the sexual assault awareness prevention and adjudication task force and now has a panel at freshman orientation discussing title IX with parents and students alike. Denim Day brings the whole concept together.

"Nationally it got brought over so we wear denim and explain the story and bring light to that common victim blaming statement of what were you wearing because it does not matter what somebody's wearing if they were sexually violated,"

They have also been collecting money through out the day to donate to the YWCA Hope rape crisis center.

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