Media previews Cedar Points new ride 'Steel Vengeance'

Media previews Cedar Points new ride 'Steel Vengeance'

SANDUSKY, OH (WTOL) - Are any of you brave enough to try Cedar Point's newest record-breaking ride?

Steel Vengeance, located in Frontier Town, isn't open to the public until May 5.

But members of the media, including WTOL's Ida Tedesco, got to preview the ride on Wednesday.

Check out Ida's reaction to Steel Vengeance below:

Converted from the Mean Streak, Steel Vengeance is a two-and-a-half minute ride on a record-breaking hybrid roller coaster. Hybrid here means the ride is a steel track on a wooden structure, as opposed to the ride being made of all steel or all wood.

The steel track allows the ride to preform twists and dives that wouldn't have been possible on a wooden coaster.

The ride stands more than 200 feet tall and reaches speeds of 74 miles per hour, with a 90-degree initial drop that sets a record for its steepness. Steel Vengeance is also the world's longest ride at more than a mile long.

In another first of its kind, Steel Vengeance features a Twisted Snake Dive. The coaster enters a half-barrel roll, hanging upside down for a brief moment, then turning back.

Cedar Point released this official point-of-view video for the ride. The amusement park says you must be at least four feet four inches to ride this ride.

They don't call Cedar Point the roller coaster capital of the world for nothing!

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