$400K budget was created for the James Worley murder trial

$400K budget was created for the James Worley murder trial

FULTON COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - You can't truly put a price tag on justice for a family and community who lost someone as special as Sierah Joughin.

But when it comes to hoping to cover everything in the James Worley vs. the People case at the Fulton County Courthouse,  a county budget dollar amount was set aside.

After research and a lot of guessing, the county auditor added a line item to the county's budget of $400,000.

Everything from the defense attorneys, expert witnesses, sequestering the jury and postage, had to be calculated ahead of time.

Fulton County Auditor Brett Kolb is hoping the $400,000 he earmarked from the county's general fund will cover all the expenses. But only time will tell.

"We haven't really ever dealt with this in our county we know what it cost other counties to have a capitol case but we are a smaller county and all these cases are different so we are preparing as best we can," said Kolb.

As of Tuesday, the county has paid out just over $29,000.

One of Worley's attorney billed $9,000 and $8,4000 was paid to the jurors summoned who didn't make the trial jury. But the auditor said the big payouts are still to come.

But there is some hope for tax payers. If Worley's defense team submits their paperwork and expenses by their set deadline, Fulton County can get reimbursed by the state for a portion of their bill since this was a capital murder case.

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