Sewer lines being installed for Erie Township homes

Sewer lines being installed for Erie Township homes
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OTTAWA COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - More than 100 Ottawa County home owners are upgrading their sewer system. It's part of a plan to improve Lake Erie's water quality.

Many of the Erie Township homes along State Route 163, west of Port Clinton, were built in the 1940's and use a septic system for waste. But not for much longer, as a $1.5 million project is implementing new sewer lines at 150 homes.

The project is in response to the recent Lake Erie water quality and hopes to keep the waste out of the lake.

The homes' new sewer lines will be tied into Port Clinton's sewage treatment system.

"Now, when it floods or we have heavy rain, those septic systems overflow and it flows into the lake, or the septic systems drains into the lake," Ottawa County Sanitary Engineer Kelly Fry said. "Those will be eliminated, they will be removed and now those homes will be connected to the sanitary sewer."

$1 million for the project comes from the Army Corps of Engineers.

The upgrades are necessary, not only to work towards improving Lake Erie water quality, but to ensure that the community can maintain for future economic and development growth.

"It's important that our systems are in place and prepared to handle that growth, and they are," Safety-Service Director for the city of Port Clinton Olen Martin said. "And we will continue to look at it and try to gauge and assess what we're going to need into the future."

The goal is to have construction completed by mid September.

Then, those homeowners will have until September 25 to apply for a permit to connect to the Port Clinton sewer system.

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