What's next for Worley's property after death sentencing

What's next for Worley's property after death sentencing
(Source: Chillicothe Correctional Center)

DELTA, OH (WTOL) - With James Worley being sentenced to death, what will come of his property in Delta, is now being questioned.

In fact, it's a question many have asked and it appears that Sierah's family could have the ultimate say.

A year ago the Estate of Sierah Joughin filed a civil suit against her killer for Wrongful Death and Punitive damages among other counts.

"Court documents claim that James Worley defrauded the Sierah Joughin Estate when he put this three acre property he owned in a trust just days after being arrested," said Jerry Phillips, the attorney for the Sierah Joughin Estate.

Worley's attorney Mark Powers will not admit if his client's choice to transfer his barns, home and land into a trust was illegal since he knew charges were coming in Joughin's murder.

However Powers said he believes to strike a deal with Joughin family.  The details of this possible deal are not being discussed, but Phillips also believes this will be settled soon.

"I think the family just wants the barn down. It's a bad reminder of what took place at that barn and I think they just want it down so they can get control of the property to get the barn taken down," Phillips explained.

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