Perryburg Township police get best dressed award

Perryburg Township police get best dressed award
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PERRYSBURG TOWNSHIP, OH (WTOL) - The Perrysburg Township Police Department are walking a little taller these days after being recognized with the best dressed uniform award for 2018.

They received the award in March from the North American Association of Uniform Manufacturers and Distributors. They even have a glass trophy to prove it.

It was given to a small law enforcement department of 100 officers or less who sported the nicest uniforms, and based on their votes, the local northwest Ohio police department out beat the rest of the country.

The companies that make the uniforms are Brauer Uniform company and Flying Cross, but the company that distributes the uniforms to the police department, Superior Uniforms in Toledo, nominated them for the accolade.

A patrolman with the department says it has put a little pep in their step, but at the end of the day, they set out to do the job of keeping everyone safe.

"I think the job is the most important thing," Dustin Glass, a Perrysburg Township Police Department patrolman said. "I mean obviously having a nice uniform and looking good is important to kind of building your confidence. Or it can be kind of like anything, you know wearing a suit or tie to work, this is how we look good so, you know, look good play good I guess is a good way to look at it."

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