Bracing for higher gas prices

Bracing for higher gas prices
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - It's not unusual to see just before summer starts, so get ready for gas prices to go up. reports prices are going up and in Toledo, you'll spot them as high as $2.79 a gallon for regular unleaded and nationally, the average is $2.75. That's still 34 cents more per gallon than this time last year.

"It's the same price, except over here, there's one for $2.54 but they're closed right now," Tim Middleton of Toledo said. "That's why I was checking them out."

We asked Middleton if $2.54 is one of the cheapest he has seen.

"Oh yeah, cheapest I've seen," Middleton described. "South Bend is $2.70, so it's going up."

Experts expect prices to peak at around $2.83 in the Toledo area. It's not clear when prices will go back down, but some analysts say the higher cost shouldn't last too long.

Remember, you can always track the cheapest gas prices in our area with the WTOL 11 Gas Tracker. You can find who has the cheapest gas in your neighborhood.

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