Sierah's Legacy, WTOL special airs Wednesday night

Sierah's Legacy, WTOL special airs Wednesday night
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(WTOL) - James Worley has been sentenced to death, for kidnapping and killing 20-year-old Sierah Joughin of Fulton County.

Joughin's story doesn't end with the slam of a gavel. Her family and friends have been fighting for justice since the day they found out she wouldn't be returning home to them.

Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. join WTOL news for a special broadcast of Sierah's Legacy.

Sierah's mother Sheila Vaculik will sit down with WTOL Anchor Jerry Anderson to talk about Sierah's life and her role now in helping to make real change in Sierah's name.

Tara Ice, Sierah's aunt, will also join us the conversation to discuss the Justice for Sierah Facebook page, which has garnered 11,500 members. We'll learn what's the plan moving forward with the Facebook group and the numerous supporters lending their support.

Josh Kolasinski, Sierah's boyfriend, and his mother Nikki organized the non-profit KOGS Self Defense Education and Awareness. Keeping Our Girls Safe mission is to provide practical, personal self-defense awareness and educational programs for all women free of charge.

State Senator Randy Gardner, who is the sponsor of Sierah's Law will also be in studio on Wednesday. The law passed 31-2 in Senate and now will move to the State house.

The hope for the law is to create a registry of violent offenders for those who commit violent crimes including murder.

Join us Wednesday, April 25 at 5:30 p.m. for Sierah's Legacy.

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