Toledo City Council discuss budget for capital projects

Toledo City Council discuss budget for capital projects
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Millions of taxpayer dollars are being allocated within the city. City of Toledo leaders discussed how to spend your tax dollars and how to improve Toledo for hours on Monday.

There is around $23 million worth of spending from the capital improvement fund. The projects from the fund range from buying new police and fire vehicles to $1,000,000 to move ahead with the Dorr Street interchange.

Road improvements play a major part in the allocation of the fund with $13 million of the fund being dedicated to it. This include residential street paving and repair as well as major street paving.

The money allocated for these capital projects is more than they have been in before. Council Finance Chair Tom Waniewski said he hopes neighbors will notice the changes.

"Well it's more exciting than it has been in previous years because we have the dollars this year. The fact they were anticipating our largest income tax projections in at least 10 years makes it a lot easier for us when we have the money to be able to appropriate it to what the department heads want," Waniewski said.

When it comes to repairing city sidewalks, city leaders have a backlog of almost 1,300 locations which they believe with $1,000,000, a serious dent can be made.

Another proposed project is making improvements to Levis Square Downtown.

City leaders said the park needs an upgrade after no money has been put in even after the Downtown development.

During Monday's meeting, leaders stood firm in saying city pools will open on time in June this year. However the possibility of the pools staying open from Memorial Day to Labor Day was also brought up.

City Council expects finalize and pass the budget next month.

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