Volunteers paint over offensive graffiti in Gibsonburg

Volunteers paint over offensive graffiti in Gibsonburg
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GIBSONBURG, OH (WTOL) - A Sandusky County village was outraged by graffiti found at one of their parks over the weekend.

But Monday, a group of volunteers decided to not wait, and took care of the problem themselves.

"The symbols that were on there, the amount of the graffiti; just overall, not good," Gibsonburg Mayor Steve Fought said.

Over the weekend, Mayor Fought posted on his Facebook page of the entire north side of a building at Williams Park vandalized with graffiti.

Within 12 hours, local donations had raised more than $500 as a reward.

However, on Monday over a dozen volunteers showed up to take care of the graffiti.

One painter was Case, the son of village council member Charlie Gerwin.

"He was not happy when he saw this and he wanted to come clean it up with me," Gerwin explained. "We've got a nice park here."

However, the majority of the work was done by Gibsonburg High School students. They had the entire side of the building completely repainted within an hour.

"It feels really nice because we're helping out the community and it's fun," Gibsonburg freshman Nicholas Kohler described.

"I like doing community service for our community and stuff," Madison Herman explained. "It's just what I like to do."

And even if the culprits are never caught, Mayor Fought is proud to see such a quick turnout to make a positive day out of a negative situation.

"What's going on, behind with these kids coming out to paint the building, is just a great display of what is the 'Gibsonburg Way,' Mayor Fought explained. "You know, the community coming together to fix a problem and really solving it from within and getting our youth behind it and building that culture early is very strong."

Because this group of volunteers made such quick work of the vandalism side of this building, and they already had the man power, the city administrator decided to get them some extra paint and paint the entire building.

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