Money Talks News: Mothers money advice

Money Talks News: Mothers money advice
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Money Talks News - Mother's day is almost here. Among all the things moms teach their children, it's the financial advice worth its weight in gold.

Think you're good with money? If so, I bet you had some help. No, not from some fancy financial planner. From your mom.

Best advice from my mom - don't ever spend more than you make and don't ever borrow money unless you absolutely have to.

What about your mom?

In honor of Mother's Day, we went out and hit the streets and asked people: What was the single best money tip you ever got from mom?

"The main thing I got from my mom would be spend wisely and save for a rainy day," one person said.

Sensible spending and saving are a common theme for moms:

"Bank account, save, spend your money wisely," another person stated.

"My mom always told me whatever I work hard for, that I should always spend on myself to make myself happy," someone else explained.

Some moms share shopping tips:

"When, say, the price for sugar, it was, like, on sale, they would buy many of them because in the future she would be able to use them," one person explained.

And other moms share a money philosophy for when things get tough:

"She said to consider the options before, just react really quickly," one person described. "You know, to think. That's the best advice she's ever given me."

When we're successful with money, we might tend to take all the credit. Maybe this mother's day, it's time to share a bit of it with mom.

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